• Cut costs in the cloud.

    We help you leverage the power of the cloud to help your business be more flexible and cut costs.

  • Engage your market.

    SADOS provides website design, SEO, branding, digital marketing, social media services, and professional photography.


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What we do.

  • Enterprise Cloud Computing and Migration

    ​The cloud decision is made and the plan is in place, but your team is busy making sure today’s business continues running. Our team of cloud experts are here to turn your vision into a reality or increase the velocity in which you are already moving.
  • Comprehensive Managed Technologies

    ​With more than 20 years of enterprise enablement expertise, including government, defense, entertainment, healthcare, energy, financials, and more, SADOS can help you create or evolve your IT strategy to not only take advantage of cloud today, but to build an innovation center of excellence that will help you evaluate, adopt, and deploy future technologies as well.
  • Dynamic Web Design and Development

    You know how powerful a website can be in helping you reach your target audience, increase your brand’s value, and grow your company’s revenue. SADOS knows the best way to design and develop your website for maximum impact.
  • Custom-tailored Marketing Strategies

    Reiterated targeted marketing strategies with a proven track record, and yet as unique as every client. Our specialists engage audiences through powerful marketing techniques. With SADOS, you’re covered from cable to client.

What our client's have to say.

An immense service migrating the Department of Justice, and Office of Justice Programs to AWS Gov. Cloud. Well done.
Chris Garvey, UNISYS
Solid, experienced IT cloud transition partner specializing in moving traditional infrastructure environments to AWS and Azure.
Walter Logue, Manitowoc
SADOS migrated our datacenter and implemented a VDI environment leveraging the cloud. Executed with precision.
Donald Koch, SMC
The most pleasing thing about SADOS is that every time we call we get an immediate response with immediate results.
Frederick Glass
Karen Hausler, Frederick Glass

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