The Most Common Industries That Use Managed IT Services

Digital services and information have been on an exponential rise in the past decade. This leaves less and less room for error when running a business.

Looking at the industries managed IT services, we can see that the need may leave even the smallest of businesses in dire need.

What services come with a proper managed IT department? What costs might you find?

Look more into managed IT services and what they can do for you below.

The Industries Managed IT Services

IT services have grown far beyond simple computer maintenance and battling computer viruses. Cloud technologies and digital services have become the norm across all facets of the business. Many industries are delving into managed IT services.

Here are some of the most common industries that have strong needs for managed IT services. Does your business fit into one of these industries? You may be missing something big.

1. Health Care

With more and more digital information storage, the healthcare industry‘s need for more elaborate IT services focuses on information protection.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, is a major foundation that mandates private health information be well secured. 

Private health information can be some of the most vulnerable pieces of information out there. Trying to manage the security of such things without IT professionals is a disaster waiting to happen.

A secure Electronic Health Records system, or EHR, is the biggest setup for guaranteeing the success of information protection.

These systems have a large database that a large number of healthcare professionals will use all around the clock. That need for stability and security would be near impossible without professional IT services.

2. Education

Higher education has a constant flow of new students. All of them have a host of paperwork and financial information that, under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA.

FERPA gives parents and their children certain protections in regards to class information, transcripts, disciplinary records, contact information, and financial records.

Colleges manage this information, alongside the commonly written consent forms to handle this information. They must also be able to protect this information from third party sources.

A single leak of this information could endanger an entire school.

As more and more of this information go to the cloud for ease of access, the more protection it will need. 

3. Government Organizations

Government organizations is a broad term for the massive number of administrative branches of many cities, state, and federal areas. The major federal areas will often have large enough budgets for their own IT support, but smaller ones may not.

The tiny, local government offices have budgets that often match their size. This makes it a monumental task to afford their own IT department. Government records can be the most sensitive information in the country, so they still need it.

Managed IT services can be a good deal cheaper than a salaried IT professional.

Any major managed IT professional company understands the required Federal Information Processing Standards or FIPS.

Local government can have tax information, entire databases devoted to licensing, and have intense scheduling needs to keep their workers managing the constant workflow of a government position.

Stable and secure IT services are a must for government buildings of all size.

4. Retail

E-Commerce is the largest source of growth in the digital landscape. 

Retail stores flood with two major sources of digital information. These two are credit card and financial information, and customer service processing.

All of the financial information has similar stakes and issues as the Education issues above. While private retail companies do not have the same regulations as public colleges, a leak of personal financial information can still be a death sentence.

Dealing with customer services creates a unique issue, though. Customer purchases can be large and erratic things. Return policies and complaints are a major force that retail companies have to deal with on a daily basis.

Being able to sort through and manage these issues requires a strong system. IT support that exists around the clock makes for systems you can rely on. This makes dealing with customers faster, easier, and better on business.

5. Property Management

Property management is a series of back and forth communications and large databases of sensitive information.

An IT department helps to simplify and organize the massive amount of information exchange. Making sure the network stays active during large construction projects or when dealing with new tenants can save a lot of headaches and lost revenue.

The ability to troubleshoot network and password issues keeps management in a smooth and functional state. This gets more relevant the more properties are under a single managerial roof.  

Managed IT Services and You

What if these industries do not cover your business? Their examples can show more than their specific plights.

Any business with major financial transactions will be getting more and more e-commerce. This prompts intense security measures for sensitive data.

For any large projects that work with contractors, third-party vendors, and multiple customers, a strong and stable communication base remains mandatory. If this breaks without IT support close at hand, that could end in lost business.

IT covers a large majority of business services these days due to digital integration. There is no sign of this slowing down, so the need for IT services will only increase.

The SADOS Service

Knowing you need a managed IT service is the first start. Knowing who is right for your business is the biggest step.

We here at SADOS create managed IT services for businesses of all sizes. SADOS gives monitored IT with an excellent and convenient support system. 

SADOS works with a large variety of customers but specializes in local businesses. If your business operates in or around Mclean, VA, Tysons, VA, Bethesda, MD, or Rockville, MD, we can give you a personal, local touch. 

IT Done Right

Looking at the industries managed IT services, we see that even the simplest of applications could benefit from a strong IT department. For businesses on a budget, managed IT services are a potent tool.

We at SADOS pride ourselves at delivering the in best IT management. Curious about how we can help your business? Contact us today!

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