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We know that saving the day isn’t easy in IT, so pass off those lower-level tasks to us and focus on the strategic projects that impact your operations. By leveraging the power of our IT expertise, you’ll stand assured that that the IT aspect of your business is taken care of from beginning to end.

James 1:04PM

Hey Brett, I'm locked out my computer again. Can you reset my password?

Mary 2:26PM

Hey Brett, I'm locked out my computer again. Can you reset my password?

Brett 2:26PM

We have a new partner for IT support who can help you out. Just ping @SADOS and they'll get right on it.

David 2:09PM

Hi Brett, my VPN won't connect. Can you look into this?

Angela 2:11PM

Brett! I can't access the shared drive, I think it needs to be remapped. Urgent! Can you help?

We'll handle the tasks, 24/7

Tired of employees getting locked out for the 12th time? Just tell them, “chat SADOS”. Our team of IT experts with a combined experience pool of 100+ years can handle your IT issues from email password updates to server-mapping. We do it all and across your entire org for a low monthly cost while retaining useful metrics for the tasks you no longer have to handle.

Real-time support features:

Simplify the on/offboarding process

The on/offboarding process of new and exiting employees can be laborious for the IT team especially because the process deals with matters of security and spring-boarding for success. With SADOS, the once daunting task can now be streamlined using our intuitive dashboard. Just fill out the form and our team will handle device provisioning, licensing, file access and more based on your desired department profiles.

With SADOS, we'll handle:
open concept office

Support for your
upcoming IT projects

Moving to a new office? Faulty network hardware causing headaches? Maybe you just need a new access point installed to increase Wi-Fi coverage.  Leverage our on-site team, partner network and expertise to get the job done. We’ll oversee the discovery, planning, and execution of every project with a dedicated manager to manage your vendor relationships, installations, logistics and everything in-between.

Let SADOS assist with:
Beta Release

Visualize your IT ecosystem

Make sense of what’s happening in your IT ecosystem with an easy-to-use interface and metrics, making audit reports or general inquiries a breeze. The SADOS Platform offers a glimpse into every aspect of your IT environment, all from one dashboard.

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Cindy S.

CFO, Keller Williams

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