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Businesses with 250+ employees or more deserve premium managed IT for a not-so-premium cost.

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Big Business Relies on
SADOS IT Expertise

Leverage the power of an IT support team that solves hundreds of issues per day, for a fraction of the cost of an in-house IT department.

Proactive Security

Worry not about updates, patching, cybersecurity and network security threats. With a managed IT plan from SADOS, we’ll invest our time to create a robust security strategy unique to your business, eliminating active threats and preventing any in the future.

IT support can help medium sized businesses

Real-time Support

Real-time help desk support is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and it’s included in every managed IT plan we offer. Need us to be on-site? No problem! With no hidden fees, your IT issues are resolved no matter how we provide you with support.

Common issues include:

250+ Employees and More

Welcome to your own personal IT department on-the-go. We’re here when you need us and working in the background when you don’t see us. Empowered by a combined 100+ years of leadership experience, an expert team of technicians, and robust automation tools, we are the premier managed IT solution for big business.

Scale up with confidence

Any business can benefit from a managed IT service plan. Here are just a few examples that our team typically works with.

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Growing Businesses​

As your company grows, hiring more employees to take care of your technology is not easy. A managed IT service gives your company the resources it needs for smooth growth.

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High-Tech Industries

As your industry grows, you’ll notice that your technology may lag behind the times. A managed IT service provider will keep you up to date on new computer and software advancements.

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High Change Industries

The more change there is in any given industry, the more help you need from IT services. Therefore, managed IT services are beneficial for any business that is constantly expanding its capabilities.

Keep Your Team Focused
with Real-time Support

Industries We Serve

Resorts, hotels, inns, and motels use managed IT services to provide better services to their customers

Hospitals and doctor offices of every type take advantage of managed IT services for their HIPAA privacy* needs.

Factories, manufacturers, distributors and other warehouse facilities enjoy managed IT services to improve production.

Departments, aerospace and defense companies, and other various government affiliates use managed IT services to enhance their security policies.

Retail outlets and franchises enjoy managed IT services to optimize their day-to-day operations.

Bank branches and financial advisors enjoy managed IT services for their end-to-end security and PCI compliance*

Public and private schools, campus departments, and other various education offices use managed IT services to improve upon inter-communication.

Laboratories, tech firms, and researchers enjoy managed IT services to improve collaboration between teams.

*PCI and HIPAA policy compliance requires additional, out-of-scope labor. Speak to on of our sales team representatives for more information.

James 1:04PM

Hey Brett, I'm locked out my computer again. Can you reset my password?

Mary 2:26PM

Hey Brett, I'm locked out my computer again. Can you reset my password?

Brett 2:26PM

We have a new partner for IT support who can help you out. Just ping @SADOS and they'll get right on it.

David 2:09PM

Hi Brett, my VPN won't connect. Can you look into this?

Angela 2:11PM

Brett! I can't access the shared drive, I think it needs to be remapped. Urgent! Can you help?

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