Device Management

Have us manage your devices including computers, servers, hard drives, laptops, and mobile devices making technical support, onboarding/offboarding and hardware replacements a breeze.

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What Does Device Management Do?

SADOS device management services help secure your equipment by preventing problems caused by improper use, outdated hardware/software, or malware. We make sure your devices are patched, patched correctly, virus-free, and running smoothly.

Device Inventory & Health

We monitor device health details such as battery capacity, application usage, processor speed, RAM, and policy compliance to make sure your business is always operating at it’s best.

device management for small business
data management for enterprise business

Proactive Patching & Upgrades

Configuring the devices on your company’s network, including installing any software upgrades or patches that are available.

Automatic Provisioning
& De-provisioning

Managing new employees and old can be a full-time job. SADOS has the ability to automate this job when it comes to provisioning and de-provisioning devices for your team. We can remotely wipe or setup new devices in just minutes based on your preferences.

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data management for enterprise business

Control Every Device
from One Location

We manage a full inventory of all of your devices including the model, serial number, and OS version of each in order to provide the best solutions to you and to provide proactive recommendations for when it’s time to upgrade hardware.

Is Device Management
Right for My Business?

With a free consultation, we’ll review all devices, software and other factors in your business to determine if device management is a great option for you.

Save Time and Money

By monitoring device health, our platform can discover which devices work best for you and in turn reduce costs on unnecessary hardware purchases.

HIPPA and PCI-ready

Meet the needs of compliance with ease by always maintaining secure device operating systems, specifications, and security protocols.

24/7 Support

Wipe devices in seconds or onboard devices en masse. With on-site and remote support available to you, no issue is too small or too big. 

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