Access Control

Zero-trust cloud-based access control for businesses that demand unparalleled convenience and security.

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Access Control, Meet the Cloud.

Manage who moves through your facility with advanced ethernet-based access control that delivers world-class security with power and connection failure protection built-in.

Keycard/FOB Entry

Manage, maintain, and protect restricted areas of your facility with a keypad or swipe-and-go FOB key. Managed directly from our app, employee on-boarding/off-boarding has never been easier!

access control panel for corporate building
mag door security system for business

Mag-Lock Door Technology

Magnetic door locks have a holding force of over 650lbs and can protect the perimeter of your facility as well as controlling internal traffic depending on the restrictions you set in our cloud-based app.

Fail Safe Protection

Keep your facility secure with integrated battery backup in the event of power failure and automatic alert notifications to administrators and, if desired, the authorities. 

key fob for security access to corporate office

How Does Access Control
Benefit my Business?

Access control can provide several benefits for an organization or a residence. Access controls assist in the following areas:

Protect Your Business

Materials and items such as equipment and tools can be locked up in a secure area using a mag-lock.

Control + Monitoring Access

These systems allow you to restrict access. Access can be limited only to authorized people or vehicles and based on criteria, including the time of day.

App-based Analytics

Be in the know with complete data oversight of your access control system. 

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