Managed IT Services for Florida Businesses​

Managed IT services can help free up time and resources that can be used for other important tasks such as business development and client support. Business owners in Florida can continue to benefit from IT services in the age of evolving technology no matter what industry they are in or the size of their business.

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Benefits of Florida
Managed IT Services

Managed IT services can provide your business with the benefit of having an in-house IT department without the additional costs associated with hiring and training new employees. When you have a knowledgeable team that is dedicated to monitoring your devices and systems, you can rest assured that your business can function optimally with minimal interruptions. SADOS’ offers priority support that is fast and convenient for your team, no matter what time of day. 

6 Managed IT Services
For Your Florida Business

Every organization’s departments and business needs vary so you will need a plan can be tailored to your unique needs. We offer the following solutions and more.

IT Support​

No matter how simple or complex your IT issues may be, IT Support services can offer the support your staff needs to operate day-to-day. Whether a teammate has forgotten a username or password, someone can not connect to their devices, or a computer is slow, a managed IT service provider, like SADOS, can help your team when they need it most and in record time. SADOS’ IT Support and Help Desk services are available 24/7 to assist you on-site or even remotely.

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IT Cloud Services​​

Cloud services or cloud computing can give Florida businesses the advantage of securing their data and assets and the convenience of accessing their data remotely. The cloud provides a digital environment for businesses to securely store their data, software, and other digital files. Cloud solutions can also help businesses that have transitioned from an in-office workplace to a remote or hybrid workforce.

Hardware and Software Installations

Maintaining hardware and software can be time-consuming and if issues are left alone the cost of replacing these systems may become more costly. If your team faces everyday issues including updating your operating systems, finding replacement laptops, software licenses for a new hire we can help. It can be cumbersome to monitor devices company-wide for viruses, let alone your own. Working with SADOS can automate your IT solutions and provide you peace of mind that your team and their devices are taken care of. SADOS is prepared to provide your business with IT support 24/7.

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Network and Server Management​​

Florida businesses, big or small, need a knowledgeable team to maintain their technology. Organizations can encounter department-wide or company-wide downtime if their network or server has issues. Ensure that you have the best IT infrastructure in place to continue to take advantage of all your technology day in and day out. SADOS can be your 24/7 resource to ensure that you can access all your data and assets reliably around the clock.

Disaster Recovery​​

SADOS helps Florida businesses implement preventative plans and contingency plans for their technology so that action can be taken quickly to minimize downtime and mitigate larger issues from forming. In the event of a disaster, make sure you have the best team to back you up. Having robust plans in place can provide you and your company with peace of mind and security. 

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Microsoft Office & G Suite Setup

Office & G Suite is a trusted name brand that can boost your Florida business’ productivity by streamlining your software and enhancing connectivity between your departments and employees. SADOS can support your Office & G Suite needs in many ways:

  • Syncing calendars
  • Accessing emails
  • Team collaborative tools
  • Cloud storage
  • Customization of software and more

Areas Served

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