5 of The Best Web Servers Available

All About Web Servers: 5 Of The Best Options Out There

There’s so much more to hosting web pages than simply setting up a free domain name and using a site builder to get the job done. You need to find a company to host your website, as well as a company who can offer a strong server. 

While there are thousands of hosting companies out there, it’s important to think about what you’re looking for and to find a company that uses the best systems. 

Why You Need A Web Server

Any IT company knows the importance of having the best web servers in order to maximize their organizational efficiencies. It would be disastrous if the servers you are using blacked out or backfired in any way. 

Your clients would be affected, and so would the level of trust customers place on you. Ultimately, you would lose business. 

To avoid this, IT companies have learned to use servers from service providers who don’t fail. But if this is the first time you are stepping foot into this turf, you need to know the various types of web servers available. Here are the major servers to give you a head start.

1. WP Farm

WP Farm is by far the newest and most advanced web server on the market. They offer a range of pre-installed templates through elementor, 24/7 support, and AMP installation for any wordpress website.

These web hosting services include cyber security, site speed, and website repair in one. If you are looks for a hands-off solution to all of your website issues and upkeep- you’ll find it here.

2. Apache servers by Apache Software Foundation

This is a free source software and the most popular server available. Majority of WordPress websites and blogs use this type of server to send and receive responses and requests. 

Apache‘s popularity comes from the fact that it’s free to download and install, which is pretty convenient for most people. It is also an open source code that is available for developers to use and adjust, optimize, and fix errors. This is an IT guru’s heaven. They can add new features and write new modules without restriction. 

Apache has another advantage. It suits all needs, which means that it is perfect for websites with two pages and one with thousands of pages. This server is excellent for both static and dynamic content — making it ideal for web hosting services.

3. Internet Information Services (IIS) by Microsoft

This server is best used by IT networking consulting services who are looking to work primarily with Microsoft. While this server can be run on Linux and Macs using Mono, it will most likely be unstable, which is not suitable for businesses. 

The best way to utilize it to full capacity is to use it on Microsoft. Microsoft IIS provides you with a graphical user interface or GUI that allows you to manage websites and associated users. It also gives IT networking services administrators the powers to modify website options such as logging, performance optimization, and effort pages.

4. Nginx web server by Nginx

Pronounced as Engine X, Nginx has emerged among the leading servers in the world with big shot clients such as Pinterest, Netflix, CloudFlare, and Zappos. Like Apache, it is an open source server and a reverse proxy server that offers HTTP web services to its clients. 

Because of its stability, it’s used a lot by managed IT services to provide other services such as cache server, mail proxy server, and as a load balancer. Nginx is easy to run on Linux, Mac OS, AIX, and Solaris because of its open-source nature.

5. Google Web Server (GWS) by Google

GWS is a web server software owned by Google. Google uses it as its primary web infrastructure, which means that they use it as the central ecosystem for web hosting. It’s the fourth most popular server powering around 13% of the active websites on the internet. 

It’s a custom Linux based web servers. The engineers at Google have said that they built this server from the ground up and did not base it’s making on any other servers such as the open source Apache server.

6. Lightspeed server by LightSpeed Technologies

This is another popular server and ties at the number four spot with GWS. This web server was released officially in 2003 and grew tremendous to be recognized as the 16th most popular server in 2008. 

Lightspeed used the same configurations as Apache and runs at an extremely high speed. This server allows an IT networking services company to handle thousands of customers at the same time while using minimal memory and CPU. 

It has zero downtime and completely eliminates the use of 3rd party caching layers. Any company looking for a server that never compromises on security, compatibility, convenience, and performance will enjoy using this server.

Choose A Web Server Wisely

You know that customer satisfaction has a massive impact on the sustainability of your web server’s business. It is said that traffic from mobile and wireless device account for 63% of all the traffic to be hit website in 2021 so you will need a server to match. 

What’s most important is to find a company who not only offers wordpress hosting, but offers dedicated servers, daily backups, and customer support. With SADOS, you get all of that and more! Give SADOS a call right away to learn more!

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